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Tuesday, April 8th 2008 - 8pm

- the Coup d’etat music series -

Vic Rawlings / Mike Bullock

Calliope Quartet

The Vic Rawlings/Mike Bullock duo
combines classical string instruments and electronics in ways that reveal the core elements of each. Rawlings plays amplified cello and an electronic instrument he built out of exposed circuit boards and speaker cones. Bullock plays amplified contrabass, test oscillators, and feedback. The result is a stark sound world utterly alienated from the glib fluidity commonly associated with bowed strings. The sounds are byturns deep-frozen and blisteringly hot. The rhythms are those of hands moving over a workbench or methodically slashing tires. After playing in various bands together since 1997, Rawlings and Bullock first played as a duo in summer 2000. They toured France in October 2003 in support of “Fall of Song” [Chloë]. They returned to France in 2004, and in fall 2005 they toured throughout the eastern U.S. as a trio with Lebanese trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj.

e Quartet

The Callio
pe Quartet is an electro-acoustic group that was started in order to focus on low-volume, low-velocity music, taking a conventional instrumental ensemble (percussion/electronics, trumpet, guitar, bass) and playing unconventional music. One of our concepts for this project is an exploration of extremes and a natural meeting point between composition and improvised music.

Lou Cohen, composer, performer and digital animator, has been writing algorithmic music for over 50 years. He studied with John Cage and others, and his music has been presented in many venues in Boston and beyond. Lou has performed with John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Christian Wolff, Ken Ueno, Tim Feeney, Vic Rawlings, Jack Wright, Katt Hernandez, and many others. Lou improvises live sound and live animation.

Sound and silence are allies in the minimal yet intricate music of Lou Bunk. In both his acoustic and electro-acoustic music, timbre unfolds alongside harmony, while extended instrumental techniques, microtones, and a rejection of the virtuosic paints an alien and sometimes barren soundscape.
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