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Sunday, December 9th 2007

Bryan Eubanks / Vic Rawlings
James Coleman / Ricardo Donoso / Nathan Ahlers
Ryan McGuire
Bryan Eubanks
Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Eubanks is working with the soprano saxophone and electronics in collaborations, installations, and solo performances. He manages a small label, Rasbliutto Recordings, and has presented his music in real-time settings across the US and Europe.

Vic Rawlings
Vic Rawlings is active as an improviser and
instrument builder, specializing in modifications
of existing instruments, creating extensive cello
preparations. He also continually develops an
electronic instrument from extant exposed
circuitry, producing, in effect, a modular analog
synthesizer with a highly unstable interface.
This electronic instrument is paired with a
flexible array of exposed speaker elements,
chosen for their often unpredictable and
idiosyncratic acoustic qualities.

James Coleman

James Coleman has been developing and updating new languages and sonic deployment for the Theremin, arguably the first electronic music instrument, in contemporary and creative musics for the past 10 years. Primarily working in improvisation, he is an active performer and recordist in the United States, and has performed with Jaap Blonk, Axel Doerner, Stephen Drury, Peter Kowald, Chris Mann, Lionel Marchetti, Joe McPhee, Jerome Noetinger, Pauline Oliveros, Eddie Prevost, Steve Roden, and has primary collaborations with Boston area musicians, many of whom are in the BSC. http://www.zuihitsu.net

Ricardo Donoso
Ricardo Donoso is a composer, percussionist and electronic musician from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has studied film scoring and music synthesis at Berklee college of music, and composition at the New England Conservatory. He currently leads the Calliope quartet, an electro-acoustic outfit focusing primarily on drone and low volume, low-velocity musics. He performs with The Metal and Glass Ensemble who make acoustic soundscapes, using bowed cymbals, tuned glasses, and other sounding devices, as well as performing with various local musicians. Ricardo also founded Semata Productions who host monthly experimental music concerts in the Boston area and a festival 3 times a year called "Cross-Pollenization", which he curates and oversees.

Nathan Ahlers

member of Calliope quartet
organizer of Cross-Pollenization Music Fest
organizer of Coup d'etat series (at Piano Factory)

Ryan McGuire

Bassist and composer Ryan McGuire has performed with Jim Hobbs, Raqib Hassan, Forbes Graham and others, and has toured the U.S. and Canada on several occasions. Originally from Cape Cod, McGuire studied composition and performance at UMass-Lowell and Berklee, and has recordings on Tzadik, Hydrahead, Robotic Empire, and Holy Roar Records. He currently performs with Dilettante, Raqib Hassan’s Interdimensional Science Research Orchestra, and the Forbes Graham Quartet.
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