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Tuesday, October 14th 2008 - 8pm

- the Coup d’etat music series -

Usurper/Guest Beers
Nackt Insecten
Steve Pyne
Preliminary Saturation

USURPER/Guest Beers

(mostly) miniscule free-noise tantrums wi busted instruments from the mongs what brought youse Giant Tank and Pizza Boy Delivery. Usurper will be in quartet form tonight with Guest Beers, Ali Robertson, Malcy Duff, Greg Kelley, Dave Dougan


"Nackt Insecten from glasgow, scotland drone. dense heavy jammer drone w/ mind beamed to outer high huh?? some real drone odyssey styles. screaming veiled drone. collapsed drone ash statues fucking crushed by searing heat. earth drone magnifications. flying carpet lava drone."


"Steve Pyne, who routes feedback loops and electronics through a custom-modified, vintage organ and homemade effects boxes to create uniquely wonderous sounds. A guitarist by training, but a mad inventor at heart, Steve played backup for Boyz II Men and jazz standards at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, before discovering the joys of cracked electronics at a show by Vic Rawlings -- he hasn't looked back since."


Preliminary Saturation is the electro-acoustic, free improv, drone-duo in which Dutch sound artists Wouter Jaspers and Steffan de Turck combine their forces. To some extent, both might be better known for their solo-projects: Franz Fjodor and staplerfahrer, respectively. As Franz Fjodor, Jaspers displays a fascination for the darker side of life; with self-made instruments he creates a sound that shippers between droning soundscapes, depressed noise and dark folk. His style signature varies with his mood: from psycho chants to punk screams, from guitar oriented drones to field recordings. De Turck plays around with crunched and broken (micro)sounds, electro-magnetic waves and noise. Sometimes in a back-to-basics analogue setting, other times solemnly using his powerbook. Every once and a while, they come together in the safe harbor of one of their living rooms, pop open a bottle of wine, light some cigarettes and start improvising as long as the mood is right. It's how this recording was made.