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Semata Productions presents:

- The Cross-Pollenization Creative Music Festival III -

Saturday, March 22nd 5pm - 11pm

791 Tremont Street (South End) off of Mass Ave. Piano Factory, Boston, Massachusetts 02118 Cost : $0.00 (BYOB)
* Entrance is through the back parking lot on Northhampton Street

5:30 - Howard Stelzer

Howard Stelzer has been active as a composer and performer of electronic music since 1992. His visceral improvised music utilizes the qualities inherent to cassette tape and tape players; namely hiss, the roll of tape across play heads, the crackle of dirt caught inside old players, play speed altered manually by pressure from fingers applied to the tape's reels. Stelzer's work tends to employ space and silence as well as gritty low-fidelity noise, and is almost always centered on the physicality of live performance.Stelzer is a member of the BSC, a large electro-acoustic orchestra led by sax player Bhob Rainey, and the group Skeletons Out, with Jay Sullivan. He also operates the Intransitive Recordings label for electro-acoustic and improvised music. and regularly hosts sound-art, electronic and improvised music concerts by visiting and regional artists in the Boston area, where he lives. howardstelzer.com

6:00 - Orgy of Noise

Besides being the overlord of noise in ORGY OF NOISE, Bill T Miller is a recording engineer producer remixer photographer video tweaker mutant and a member of Out of Band Experience (OBE) - Kings Of Feedack - Drum Army - Slackbangers and is the part-time King Of Slack... for more info go to: billtmiller.com

6:30 - Goatslut

Goatslut tends to cause a lot of problems in class. usually by throwing paper airplanes and putting boards with nails in them on the Teacher's chair. Goatslut enjoys multiple sex partners. We can no longer tell the difference between our live performances and our solitary, treacherous excursions late at night on the john. Goatslut touches itself on the bus in front of kids. Goatslut will key your car. We don't believe in observing the fine line between fucking and making love. We like to meditate while sitting on the washing machine. One of the members has a poster of Aretha Franklin on the wall of their apartment and this has been a steady, ongoing source of tension between this member and the other member of the group. Goatslut hates their hometown but enjoys their Mom's homestyle cooking. Goatslut used to have a bass player but this member committed suicide in 2006. Due surely in no small part to this memb ers inability to sit through a complete round of "Anne of Green Gables". (Goatslut has a drinking game called Anne of Green Gables that we play after shows). Goatslut could tell you more about Him/Her Self, but doesn't think you want to know.

7:00 - Asher

asher thal-nir is an artist living and wor king in Somerville, Massachusets. His sound work is composed using recordings of acoustic and electronic instruments, location recordings and found recordings which are combined and processed in various ways. His work has been published online and on disk by conv, leerraum [ ], mystery sea, laboratoire moderne, term. and homophoni, with upcoming solo and collaborative releases on the land of, einzeleinheit, winds measure, transparent radiation, leerraum [ ], and/OAR, gears of sand, and sourdine.

7:30 - James Coleman / Jules Vasylenko / Noell Dorsey

James Coleman has been develop ing and updating new languages and sonic deployment for the Theremin, arguably the first electronic music instrument, in contemporary and creative musics for the past 10 years. Primarily working in improvisation, he is an active performer and recordist in the United States, and has performed with Jaap Blonk, Axel Doerner, Stephen Drury, Peter Kowald, Chris Mann, Lionel Marchetti, Joe McPhee, Jerome Noetinger, Pauline Oliveros, Eddie Prevost, Steve Roden, and has primary collaborations with Boston area musicians, many of whom are in the BSC. ww w.zuihitsu.net

Noell Dorsey is a classical trained soprano who sings with various opera, choral and chamber ensembles around Boston. She also is the lead singer of rock band Guillermo sexo and is a member of the minimalist duo Beautiful Weekend. New to the Boston noise-improv scene, she began collaborating with experimental trio Eat Flaming Death and most recently with Boston improv veterans James Coleman and Jules Vasylenko. Her voice can be heard on Boston death metal Ehnahre's new album.

jules is a blind U.K.-rain-ian poet,with a strong persecution complex. a peasant,posing as a bohemian. many ghosts follow this big-thumbed behemoth around. at c-p-3 he is hoping to spontaneously combust. left behind will be a shopping list of things he has been involved in performance art..gorilla theater--the blood is still on the wall !!! dub--from ear to eternity. no wave--but drown. industrial--in dust we trust. electro-acoustic etchings..soundscrapes..tape-loops..ape -oops freak-jazz - noizzee--one hump,or two? art--i have nothing to say,and i am saying it! for more details,check with interpol.


8:30 - Boston Typewriter Orchestra

BTO is a collective endeavor which engages in rhythmic typewriter manipulation combined with elements of performance, comedy and satire.BTO aims to entertain the masses while providing a creative outlet for the creative urges of its members. BTO promises to protect customer confidentiality with the utmost vigilance while remaining irreverent at all times.

9:00 - ID M Theftable

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9:30 - Eli Keszler

"Multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler is one of a coterie of exciting new Boston-based musicians whose music pushes the boundaries of noise, drones, improv, and electro-acoustic composition. Using a variety of percussion instruments, as well as guitar and electronics, Eli creates intense drones and fast, rhythmically complex pieces. In addition to his solo work, he currently plays in a number of ensembles including a new trio with keyboardist Anthony Coleman and reed-player/vocalist Ashl ey Paul, a duo with guitarist Geoff Mullen, and a longstanding partnership with fellow multi-instrumentalist Steve Pyne called Red Horse. H e has a pair of CDs out onREL, both of which showcase his extraordinarily dynamic playing." myspace.com/elikeszler

10:00 - Vic Rawlings / Tim Feeney

Tim Feeney and Vic Rawlings have performed as a duo since 2005. Their music explores an unpredictable relationship with making sounds, achieved by elaborate preparation of acoustic soundboxes, such as drums or cello, and expanded via original electronic instruments , ranging from naked circuitboards to amplified kitchen objects. They focus on the metamusical potential of unstable sounds and silences, exploring austere combinations of sound and the otherworldly ripple effects that pulse through a silent space or alert ears. The group has toured throughout the Eastern United States, and will release its first CD, In Six Parts, on the Sedimental label in spring 2007. timfeeney.com/feeneyrawlings

10:30 - Nmperign

Nmperign has been hailed the world over as the leading purveyors of whatever that strange thing they do is. Their palette of sounds makes laptops seem as flexible as doorbells, and their precise but wildly unpredictable improvisations would have you at the edge of your seat if you weren't so afraid of the noise you would make getting there. Fierce and fragile, lush and fractured, nmperign is tough to pin down and all the better for it.